1. Do you ship worldwide?

- Yes, we do, we ship both local and international orders. Shipping time for local orders is 3-7 business days and 7-12 business days for international orders as standard shipping. Please read our shipping policy for more details.

2. How long is the processing time?

- Processing time takes 14-20 business days, this time includes getting the hair bundles from my vendor, washing and conditioning the hair bundles, and wig construction, styling and customization. All these is to ensure that every client receives the best service and wig from our company, so i do not rush orders.

3. I need a wig urgently, is it possible to receive it earlier than the processing time of 14 days?

- Yes, we have Ready To Ship wigs, which ship the next business day if you need a wig urgently. But if you want a specific wig that is not in the ready to ship collection, you will need to pay an extra fee of $80 for fast processing and shipping of your desired wig.

4. How do I know my cap size?

- To know your cap size you can follow the guide below:

Please note for XL sizes ; all measurements are 1-1.5” more than the Large sizes

You’ll need to use a measuring tape to measure your head according to this guide. Please take note that it is very important to select the right cap size when placing your order as your unit will be made according to the cap size you select.

5. Do you offer colouring services for wigs?

- Yes, I do.

This service is available if you want a custom colour for any of the wigs in our collection or if you would like to create your own wig with a custom colour.


1. You pay for this service (please note you pay for this service after your initial order, the price (+$40 includes the fee for custom colouring your unit) No shipping costs or discounts will be added.

2. Send a picture of an example of the custom colour you want via email to deeewigs@gmail.com

3. An email will then be sent back to you , to confirm that the picture has been received and to receive more information on your desired custom colour unit.

 6. What is Create your own wig?

-This means that you can design your own wig which will be constructed specially for you by picking a texture, style,colour, length and customization you want, there are various options given that you can choose from to create your own wig. For any other details you would like to give about your order, you can write in the message box at checkout and an email will be sent to you to for more inquiries.

7. Do you do wig installs for local clients and if you do how do i book an appointment?

- Yes I do, if you would like to book an appointment please send an email to deeewigs@gmail.com or you can send a direct message on our IG account @dee.wigs to book an appointment.

8. How long do your wigs last?

- With proper maintenance and care, our wigs last 5 years and more. All wigs are made from unpropcessed raw hair, so you are to expect no tangling, matting or shedding of your unit.

9. What is raw hair?

-Raw hair is unprocessed human hair, which is sourced from countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Myanmar( Burma). This is 100% human hair, which is gotten from one donor. Most of our curly textures are only steam processed. 

10. Do you sell only bundles and closures or frontals?

- No, we don't , we sell only custom wigs and most of our wigs are made to order, meaning they go through a processing time which includes getting the hair from my vendor, constructing, styling and customization, as all wigs come ready to wear.

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